Translate to a New Language

Translate to a New Language

The default platform language is English but you can translate the platform back-office and front-end to any language you want. The system uses file-based translation and all the language files are in /path/to/your/zCart/resources/lang/ directory.

To translate to a new language you have to copy the default en directory and rename it to the language shortcode (Example: en for the English). Then open each file in the directory and make the translation. You only need to translate the right side of each line, don’t touch the left side of this => symbol.

Warning! Don’t translate variables. Variables are looks like this :variable.
Example: The string “:value/Day” will be “:value/Dia” not “:valor/Dia” in Spanish and “Last :hrs hours” will be “Ultimo :hrs horas” not “Ultimo :hora horas”.


When you’re done, you can activate the language to make it available to use on the front-end. Read this article for help.


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