Google Login Setup

First of all create a project in google console named your app.

If you already have one, just open the console with that project.

  • When your project is created, you will see your dashboard like this.
  • Tap to the menu button in the left corner and a menu drawer will be opened. Select APIs & Services. A new page will open. 
  • Click the OAuth consent screen. It will take you a new page and this button will be selected. 
  • Insert the required information and finish all the steps to create an app.
  • After creating your app, Go to credentials from the menu bar.  
  • Select OAuth Client ID 
  • Select Android as an application type. 
  • Fill the required information. For 3 fingerprints you need to create 3 OAuth client id. 

    So for the first one, let’s find out your debug fingerprint. 

    Generate SHA-1 for Flutter/React-Native/Android-Native app from this link, You will find a lot of ways to find the debug SHA-1 fingerprint. With this debug fingerprint, you can test your app in the debug mode after creating the OAuth client id with debug SHA-1. 

    The other 2 fingerprints you will get after uploading the app in the google play store. Use them to create 2 more OAuth client id, then the google login will work in the production mode.

Login with google setup for you android app is done!

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