Support Memberships

Every purchase comes with 6 months of regular support(except localhost license) that promises a response of your support ticket within 24hrs on business days (except Saturday and Sunday). Only supported users will get access to the support forum and can get help from our expert team. We’ve three subscription plans, you can choose based on your need.
If your support has been expired or just want to get priority support you can subscript to any plan from your account dashbaord.

Silver Membership

This is the regular support group with normal priority. Choose this membership to extend your support period to continue getting access to the forum and other support materials. This plan charge USD$99 only for every 6 months.

Gold Membership

We know that everyone will not be happy with the regular support delay. This plan is for those people who need a faster response and want to move faster. This plan charge $199 USD only billing every six months.

Platinum Membership

We have created a Platinum Membership to provide support in the soonest possible time. It does not matter how many support tickets are on the queue, your ticket will be pushed to the top. The platinum support membership charge $499 USD billing every six months.


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