Common Issues

Troubleshooting Common Issues


Why listings are not visible in front page?

There’re some conditions to be fulfilled to get the listing live on the front end.
1. The vendor must have an active payment method.
2. The vendor must have shipping zones and shipping rates set.
3. The shop is not on maintenance mode.
4. The shop is approved on the marketplace.
5. The shop must have a business address for invoices.

Still, listings do not appear on the front-end? – Check the time zone settings of the platform settings system settings and what is the date time you set on the available date field of your listings.


Images uploaded successfully but not showing!

This issue can be a result of disabled symlink function on your server. This is a common case for shared hosting. You can talk to your hosting service provider to enable the symlink. Most of the time they will help you to enable it, otherwise, you have to find a new server for the script as it a requirement.


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