Enable/Disable The Catalog System

Catalog System Enable/Disable

The current catalog system operates in a sequential manner, where the initial step involves adding products to the catalog. Subsequently, these products can be integrated into the inventory for listing purposes. Once this integration is complete, the products seamlessly appear on the front end for user visibility.

Here are a few opportunities within the system: both administrators and vendors possess the capability to add products on behalf of vendors. Additionally, vendors can incorporate these products into their inventory. The system’s flexibility allows configuration, enabling the choice for vendors to exclusively use their own products when adding items to their inventory.

To streamline the process and bypass the catalog, consider allowing vendors to add products directly, which will then be promptly showcased on the front end. This modification simplifies the workflow, offering a more direct and efficient method for vendors to present their products to users.


Navigate to the Configuration section within the admin panel, and disable the Catalog System from this interface. This straightforward action ensures the deactivation of the catalog functionality, providing a more efficient and focused system experience. 

As a vendor, upon logging in, you now have the option to seamlessly add products directly for listing, eliminating the necessity for stock or inventories. This refined approach simplifies the process, enabling vendors to swiftly showcase their products on the platform without the additional step of managing stock or inventory levels.


N.B: If you choose to disable the catalog system, please refrain from reactivating the enable option afterward.


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