Admin Will Receive The Payment

Activate Payment Methods When Admin Will Receive The Payment Directly

In zcart system, you can configure your marketplace as per your choice either the admin gets paid directly or the vendor gets paid directly. By default in zCart system, sellers will receive the marketplace payment directly. And then admin will cut the subscription fee and commission from the seller’s account. If you want to configure your marketplace so that the admin will receive the marketplace payments directly and then the seller will request for payout to the admin. Then you can configure in the env like this:
Now you need to activate payment methods for shoppers. Go to the admin dashboard and activate those you want to enable.  SETTINGS  CONFIGURATION  PAYMENT METHOD 
Now it’s time to configure all the payment methods in the env file (ex: Stripe, Paypal, Instamojo etc): A merchant should activate the payment method. They will find only those payment method that is enabled by the admin.
Note:  If merketplace is configured “Admin gets paid directly” then seller doesn’t need to configure any payment method otherwise seller need to activate the payment methods that is enable by the admin.
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