How to go live with a shop

How to go live with a shop

This documentation will help you with how you can go live with your shop.

Step 1: The very first thing you need to do is turn off the maintenance mode and set your shop name, logo, cover image, address, etc.


Step 2: You can set the Inventory stock alert quantity, default Supplier, and default warehouse.


Step 3: You can set the order number prefix and suffix as per your need. You can set the default payment method, for a new order this payment method will be pre-selected.


Step 4: This is the most important part before going live with a shop. Please turn on the “ECommerce” button without turning on it your shop will not show in the marketplace.


Step 5: You can enable/disable the live chat option for your shoppers from here. Also, you can set the support email, phone number, etc for your customers here.


Step 6: In this section, you can turn on the notifications for your shop, those you want to get notified.


Step 7: This is also an important part to configure the payment method for your shop. Without configuring at least one payment method marketplace won’t allow you to go live with your shop.


Step 8: Shipping Zone

A vendor also needs to set the Shipping zone. To create a shipping zone, the vendor needs to set the shipping area and shipping Rate based on price or based on weight.


Note: Admin can restrict the shipping area. The vendor can select only those areas that are enabled by the admin.

Step 9: Product Listing

The default catalog system allows vendors to create listings using any product on the catalog system, even if the product was created by another vendor. When a vendor adds products to the zCart catalog other vendors will be able to list the product in their inventories.

Note: Admin can restrict vendors to listing other vendors’products.


Now shoppers will be able to see your product on the frontend marketplace and also able to purchase these.

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