How to go live with a shop

How to go live with a shop

This documentation will help you with how you can go live with your shop.

Step1: The very first thing you need to do is turn off the maintenance mode and set your shop name, logo, cover image, address, etc.

Settings>>General Config

Step2: You can set the Inventory stock alert quantity, defaulf Supplier and default warehouse.

Settings>> Configuration>> Inventory

Step3: You can set the order number prefix and suffix as per your need. You can set the default payment method, for a new order this payment method will be pre-selected.

Settings>> Configuration>> Order

Step4: This is the most important part before going live with a shop. Please turn on the “ECOMMERCE” button without turn on it your shop will not show in the marketplace.

Settings>> Configuration>> Views

Step5: You can enable/disable the live chat option for your shoppers from here. Also you can set the support email, phone number etc for you customers here.

Settings>> Configuration>> Support

Step6: In this section you can turn on the notifications for your shop, those you want to get notified.

Settings>> Configuration>> Notications

Step7: This is also a important part to configure the payment method for your shop. Without configurting at least one payment method marketplace won’t allow you to go live with your shop.

Settings>> Payment Methods

If still have you any questions? You may contact with the support team.

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