Upgrading To 2.11.0 From 2.10.*

Upgrading To 2.11.0 From 2.10.*

Please read the changelog for details about the changes, this will help you to decide if you really need to upgrade or not.

Warning! zCart 2.11.0 is a major release and contains breaking changes and you have to have command line access on your server to complete the upgrade.


TIPS! If you don’t have any real data and visitors we recommend doing a fresh installation.

To upgrade to 2.11.0 From 2.10 please follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the files and extract them on your local computer.

Step 2: Set your marketplace in maintenance mode, so that visitor doesn’t get any errors or see sensitive system information.

Step 3:  Take a backup of your database and the project files(current running script). So that you can get back to the old version if having issues with the new one.

Step 4: Replace only these directories and files [Dont touch other files/directories] with the newly downloaded one:


  1. app
  2. bootstrap
  3. config
  4. database
  5. public (The default theme has changes that need to be updated)
  6. resources
  7. routes
  8. vendor


  1. composer.json
  2. composer.lock
  3. package.json

Step 5: Check the permissions as described in the installation guide.

Step 6: Skip this step if you don’t have any plugins.

Warning! Check the plugin’s version compatibility with zCart and replace the plugin code if needed.


Updated plugin list for this version: Ajax Search Autocomplete, Wallet, Eventy, Login With OTP, Apple Login.

Then run this command on your project root.

composer dumpautoload

Step 7:  Login as superadmin and access your-domain.com/admin/incevio/upgrade

Or open the command line and cd into the project root. Then run these commands:

php artisan migrate;

php artisan route:clear;

Step 8: Now turn off the maintenance mode and you’re done.

HELP! If you got any issues please contact zCart support team with detailed explanations and screenshots of the issues. The support team can help you fast if you provide every detail of the problem.


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