Installation Issues

Common Installation Issues


The maximum number of allowed installations reached

This error is self-explanatory, as you cannot use the license for multiple installations at the same time. If you want to reinstall the license to the same server or a new server you must have to uninstall the license from the super admin dashboard SETTINGS  SYSTEM SETTINGS  ENVIRONMENT UNINSTALL LICENSE.
To move or reinstall you must follow this:
1. Uninstall the license.
2. Delete the old installed files and database.
3. Reinstall on the new location.

HELP! If you can’t access the super admin dashboard for any reason, please send me the license key and your IP address. I’ll reset the license from our side.


Info! You have to buy a license for every instance of the application. Here you can buy a local environment license for cheaper price, you can not use the local inviroment license to live server.


Can not connect to remote server

This error means your IP address got blocked on the licensing server. This may happen for so many failed attempts and other reason. Please contact the support team with your license key and the server IP address, the team will help you to unblock you.


Invalid Server Response

This error means your provided information is not valid. Please recheck the information and try again. You need a valid domain name, email address and the license key.


Unknown error accoured

This is a common issue when reinstalling the script on the same server. To avoid this error please delete all tables from the old database and try to install fresh.


SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long;

This MySQL error means your version of MySQL is old and must have to upgrade. Please check the requirements here.


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