Versioning Scheme:

App versioning scheme maintains the following convention: paradigm.major.minor

Minor Release: Minor releases should never contain breaking changes. This release may contain app end bug fixes, UI issue fixes, minor improvements, and new features. These changes will not require updating the server and API end code.

Major Release: Major releases may include breaking changes sometimes. It will require upgrading the server end code before starting the process. A major release may contain new features, third-party API upgrades, bug fixes, changes in zCart web modules, etc.

Paradigm Shifting Releases: Paradigm-shifting releases do include breaking changes and may represent fundamental shifts in the architecture and conventions. It will require upgrading the server end code before starting the process.

However, we strive to always ensure you may update to a new major release without having much trouble.


Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)
‘+’ Added
‘*’ Fixed
‘=‘ Improved
‘-’ Removed
‘!’ Info/Warning

Version 1.0.5 (24th December 2023)

* More Clean Code and Performance improved

Version 1.0.4 (29th August 2023)

+ Add inventory
+ Add inventory with variants
* Complete inventory module is updated to a better and faster system
* Create product bugs fixed

Version 1.0.2 (13th April 2023)

*Quick update and trash from the stock page issue solved
*Add category sub group 
*Add attribute 
*Add product 
*Add manufacturers 
*New order notification count show
-Category group "icon" 
*Category sub group move to trash 
*Category move to trash 
*Add supplier 
*Add shop user 
*Redirect to home page issue from multiple pages

Version 1.0.0 (15th December 2022)

+ Flutter Version Release
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