Upgrade Guide

Versioning Scheme

zCart versioning scheme maintains the following convention: paradigm.major.minor.

Minor Release: Minor releases should never contain breaking changes. This releases may contain bug fixes, UI issue fixes, and minor improvements.

Major Release: Major releases of zCart may include breaking changes sometimes. Read the upgrade guide carefully before starting the process. A major release may contain new features, third-party API upgrade, bug fixes and changes in zCart modules etc.

Paradigm Shifting Releases: Paradigm shifting releases do include breaking changes and may represent fundamental shifts in the zCart’s architecture and conventions.

However, we strive to always ensure you may update to a new major release without having much trouble.


HELP! If you are not sure which version of zCart is running currently on your marketplace, you can find it here.


 zCart support team can help you to upgrade your system. The service charge is $59 USD only. Upgrade My zCart Platform


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