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The product module is the main module in the catalog section with a whole lot of options.


Info! Products added by a merchant cannot be Deleted by the merchant but can move to Trash only if no listing exist on the product.



Basic Info

Add your listing title very carefully, it should be given a clear idea about your item at the first place and the description should be as detailed as the need to describe everything buyer cares about.





The image is the single most important part of your listing. Buyers always prefer to buy items that have good quality images. Upload multiple images from a different angle and make sure every detail are visible on the image.




Key Features

The key features are some bullet point feature list that will be placed on the top of the product detail page. Its very recommended to add key feature list and list only the key information about the item.








Listing Rules

Here you can set your listing rules like you can set how many of them you have in stock, what is the minimum number of units a customer can buy and what will be the price for the single unit. You can also offer a promotional price for a limited time period.



Shipping Info

How you going to ship the item to the buyers, what will be the packaging and what will be the shipping weight of the item, is the shipping is free of cost! All the information will go in this section.

Warning! If you have weight based shipping rates, you must give weight to calculate shipping cost.



Here you can set ZISECOLORSTYLE etc. If the attribute you need is not showing up, you can add new attributes from the CATALOG  ATTRIBUTES section on your dashboard.






Linked Items

You can link related items customer may feel interested to buy together. Linked items will be shown on the product page as Frequently bought together:. Link only if you think the item is related and not just came from the blue.






The slug is a required field and will be filled automatically by the system. Slug is a search engine friendly URL that visitor will see this on the browser when they visit the product page. Also, this information will help to get buyers from a search engine like Google. It’s always recommended to set this value rather than just leave it blank.


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