A wishlist is a feature that allows customers to save items they are interested in purchasing at a later time. In a multivendor marketplace, a wishlist is essential for several reasons. It can improve the shopping experience for customers, increase engagement with the marketplace, and drive sales for vendors. With a wishlist, customers can easily keep track of items they want to purchase without having to search for them again. This makes the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

In zCart system, shoppers can save items in their wishlist for future purchases without wasting time by searching. On the product page and product detail page, they will find the “Add to wishlist” option.

Shoppers can add products to the wishlist from the product details page.

In the customer dashboard, there has an option named “My wishlist”. Shoppers can remove an item anytime if needed from the wishlist

“My wishlist” option in the customer dashboard

In zCart system, the wishlist icon is added on the header from where customers can go to their wishlist page for managing wishlists.

Shoppers can track their wishlist from the header too.


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