Why the license is so expensive?

There are lots of hidden reasons a script price may depend on. Developing a good application requires lots of time, skill sets and very hard work. We believe a good script deserves a good price, otherwise we developers will feel unsafe to spend the time to build good quality scripts. End of the day the money is the most inspiring force to the best effort.

Please do some research, you will find out the differences between a cheaper script and a high-quality script. zCart is much cheaper than other comparable platforms. Most of the applications with a similar feature list and customer support cost 3-5 times more than zCart.

If you spend some time with our demo and experience how it works, I hope you’ll be convinced about the price. If still now convinced then we do offer some discount on special occasions over the year, stay in touch to get the opportunely. ☺

A good read why cheaper is the costliest choice in the long run.


What is the server requirements for this script?

Server requirements are very simple and pre-configured on most hosting providers. The application will run with – Apache 2.x, PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.6+
Check the getting started section on this documentation for more details.


Do you offer installation and set up services?

Yes, we are offering installation and server set up services. According to our support policy installation service is not covered by the item support. So it’s not free! The only installation service will cost $99 USD and if you want us to help you to configure your hosting server it will cost an additional $99 USD.


Do you have mobile app iOS and Android for this platform?

Yes, we are developing the iOS and the Android app for the marketplace. Still, it’s in the beginning stage, we can’t tell about the exact time frame right now. But iOS and Android App will be released as soon as possible. Thank you ☺


Is the source code is editable?

The code is fully editable! You can make any changes that uniquely required for your need to use the script. Also, you can hire the zCart team to make the customization, as our team knows the code better than anyone.
Thank you ☺


How secure is this system?

This system is built to protect from all known/common security vulnerabilities. So you can use the application without any worries.


Why the demo logins not working

I guess you tried to login from the wrong place. The only customer can login from the storefront, admin and merchant have own login area to access the dashboard. ☺

Admin Login :: https://zcart.incevio.com/login
User Name:: superadmin@demo.com
Password:: 123456

Merchant Login:: https://zcart.incevio.com/login
User Name:: merchant@demo.com
Password:: 123456

Customer Login:: https://zcart.incevio.com
User Name:: customer@demo.com
Password:: 123456


Each vendor has it’s own admin panel?

Yes, each vendor has a personalized admin panel to manage their shop/business.


How many vendors and products can I add?

No limits. You can add unlimited vendors and any other contents.


Do you offer customization?

Yes, We can customize the script based on your business need. Make a customization request to the support team for more details.


Is it possible to customize the theme?

Yes, The application uses themes to manage the storefront. Make a customization request to the support team for more details. Or you can customize the look and feel by editing the view files.


Can I use any of the licenses for multiple/unlimited sites?

Unfortunately, that type of license would be a “multi-use” license, which isn’t currently available on CodeCanyon. If you are using on multiple sites means different domains like example.com and testing.com, so you need to buy a regular license for each site. Or contact us for a discount for multiple domain use license key.


Do you have any document for customizing the theme?

No documentation and support will be provided to making any changes.


Can you help to build a custom theme?

Yes, we can build custom themes for the marketplace. A custom theme can be exclusive to you (bit expensive) and also can be non-exclusive (a lot cheaper). Please let me know if you have the HTML template for the theme or we have to design the template.








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