Settings For Sitemaps

The sitemaps are very important for indexing your marketplace URLs on search engines. We’ve included a mechanism that can generate a sitemap without you having to add URLs to it manually. This works by crawling your entire site.


Generate Your Sitemap Manually

If you have access to the terminal then you can run the below comment on your project root directory to generate the sitemap.xml

php artisan seo:generate-sitemap


Generate Sitemap Automatically

The system is pre-configured to generate your sitemap and keep it up to date on a regular interval. Right now the sitemap will update one daily. You just need to set a Cron job for the application to run the scheduler and do all due tasks. Here is the guide to creating the Cron job.

Info:┬áThe application just need one Cron job to do all the scheduled jobs. So if you already created one Cron for this application then you don’t have to do it again.


The generated sitemap will be stored in public/sitemap.xml location.


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