Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)
‘+’ Added
‘*’ Fixed
‘=‘ Improved
‘-’ Removed
‘!’ Info/Warning

Version 2.15.1 (28th April 2024)

+ Now vendors can add attribute values to any attribute
+ Now you can upload .webp images directly on dropzone
* HTML tag issue on customer message inbox
* Special character issue on state names
* Contact seller button issue on the shop page
* Price range issue on the auction page
= Pickup orders can be fulfilled directly from the order list table
= Reducing some homepage contents to boost loading
= Added 'COLLECT_VISITOR_DATA=false' in env to boost performance, google analytic can be used for similar reports
= Utilised Caching system in a more effective way to boost performance
= After 1st load the query reduced from 106 to just 6 on the homepage loading time
= Improved loading speed by 50-60%
= Improved sitemap.xml generator
= Improved cookie consent UI
= Cookie consent is now for storefront users only

Version 2.15.0 (8th April 2024)

+ Pickup orders option
+ Vendor can on/off the pickup option on his/her shop
+ Stock can now belong to multiple warehouse
+ Customer account approval system
+ API route added for getting collection of warehouses for specific shops
= New popup UI design for Dynamic popup
= Added “GET VERIFIED“ option at vendor sidebar
= Item search filter improved
= Minor improvements on the default theme UI/UX
= Now vendors can see attributes created by admin
= When you create multiple categories and sub-groups the parent category will be pre-selected for convenience.
* A few permission issues
* CSV upload input number increased on php.ini
* Page update issue on admin panel
* Shipping popover UI issue on product page
* Fixed inventory update issue for updating categories and tags.
* Spelling errors and typo fixes.
* Fixed API for getting product details with for products with attributes.
* Fixed unwanted close button appearing on top right side of screen
* Stripe card number max input characters set to 16.
\ *The PHP’s max_input_vars issue when uplodaing CSV
Updated Plugins:
= Wallet (v-1.5.2)
= Dynamic Pop-up (V-1.1.0)
New Released Plugin:
+ Wholesale (v-1.0.0)

Version 2.14.0 (26th February 2024)

+ Admin can bulk deposit money to the customer's wallet from the admin dashboard.
+ Provide your customers with live shipping rate and time estimations
+ Bulk order processing
= No need to configure the wallet plugin at code level
= No need to configure the inspector plugin at the code level
* Fixed issue where digital products didn't show when catalog mode was off
* Fixed dynamic currency issue in generated coupon
* Fixed shipping rate button not being clickable in mobile view
* Appearance of additional 'c' in group and subgroup in Nova theme fixed
* Fixed dynamic currency change issue on some pages
* Top banner delete option added. (Turns off top banner)
* Fixed default theme mobile-mega-menu scroll issue
Update Plugin:
= Wallet 1.5.1
New Released Plugin:
+ Shippo Shipping
+ Auction

Version 2.13.0 (24th December 2023)

+ Catalog enable/disable feature
+ Single login for seller & customer
+ Show digital products separately on merchant stock
+ Data Layer data provided for pixel
+ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok pixel base code integrated
+ Delivery confirmation using OTP on App
+ Delivery can give feedback for orders on App
+ Option to add to cart all “Frequently Bought Together” items from product page
+ Dynamic height for the mega menu
* Admin site css file mix remove issue fix
* Stock and order database responsive issue fix
* otp login library include issue fix
* Dashboard cancellations page order variable not found issue fix
* Create coupon form coupon generate issue fix
* fix few grammatical issues of text
* customer order detail page translation issue fix
* Customer order cancel item issue fix
* Refund initiate issue fix
* Code show on save button of feedback page issue fix
* Role update issue fix on admin panel
* price filter min and max dynamic value show issue fix
* Vendor billing page responsive issue fix
* attribute duplication issue fix
* Demo reset issue fixed
* Logo show issue fix on product details quickview modal
= Cart feature moved to cookie from session
= Variant edit process
= Inventory form
Update Plugins:
+ Wallet V-1.5.0
* Trending search Keywords V-1.2.1
= Product comparison V-1.0.3
* Iyzico V-1.0.1
= Ajax Search Autocomplete V-1.0.4
+ Google-Analytics V-1.0.3
* Mercado Pago V-1.0.2
* OTP V-1.0.3
+ Live Chat V-1.1.0
New Plugins:
+ Mollie Payment Gateway
+ bKash Payment Gateway

Version 2.12.0 (11th October 2023)

+ Dynamic currency API added
* Cart page currency error fixed
* Added currency id to orders table to handle dynamic currencies
* Theme license issue
* Refund initiate issues
= Default theme box container layout
= Improved the loading time
Update Plugin:
= Dynamic Currency 1.1.0

Version 2.11.0 (3rd October 2023)

+ Pay to feature added
+ Rewritten the front end code for better UI/UX
+ Now you can easily change the theme color pallets
+ 3 column banner added
+ Categories added to the sitemap.xml file to scrawl
* Customer message section error
* Shop page active listing show issue fix
* Demo import issue
* Customer dashboard product image empty issue fix
* Product edit issue when vendor can use own catalog only
* User role privileges vulnerability issue
* A few XSS vulnerability issues
= Default theme container size increased
= Improved the image loading experience
= Slider image height changes to 1440x350px
= Product image now can have max 1000 KB sized
= Improved UI of the login  page
= Improved UI of the default theme
New Plugin:
+ Initial Release Dynamic Currency (V-1.0.0)
Update Plugins:
! Wallet Plugin Update(1.4.6)
! Ajax Search Autocomplete Plugin Update(1.0.3)
= Eventy (1.0.2)
= Otp Login(1.0.2)
= Apple Login(1.1.1)

Version 2.10.0 (25th August 2023)

+ Option to clear all demo contents
+ Digital product module
+ Popup Banner/Newsletter
+ Brand new brand profile page
+ Brand new vendor profile page
+ Brand new vendor list page
+ Vendor can add custom CSS styling for shop profile page!
+ Vendor can add banners and sliders for profile page
+ Vendor can choose his own Deal Of The Day items.
+ Vendor can choose his own Featured items.
+ Vendor can set his own Finds Under price.
+ New Featured Brand Section
+ New Featured Section
= Improved product style
= Improved brand list page
= Improved home page UI
= Shop name added to inventory slug to keep it unique
= Address title validation added to checkout form
* On search, all variants products show individually issue fix
* Empty state update error issue fixed on vendor shipping zone
* Attribute edit form loading with good amount of selected categories issue fix
* Customer name show issue fix on shop review api
* Warehouse details how issue fix
* Negative balance show if wallet hasn't sufficient balance for refund issue fix
* Logged in customer add to cart id insert issue fix
* Search page null brand show issue fix
* customer reset link api issue fix
* Order create from admin site issue fix
* Without importing demo data search error issue fix
* Subscription plan cost database limit increase
* Attempt to read property "Subgroup" on null issue fix
* Social login pass update issue fix
* Data table mobile responsive for all contents
* Inactive shop product show on search issue fix
Updated Plugins:
! Subscription plugin update(v-1.5.0) released
! OneCheckout plugin update(v-1.4.2) released
! Comparison plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
! Google Analytics plugin update(v-1.0.2) released
! Ajax Search AutoComplete plugin update(v-1.0.2) released
! Flutterwave plugin update(1.1.2) released
! Wallet plugin update(1.4.5) released
! Packaging Plugin updated (v-1.1.1)
New Released Plugins:
! Dynamic Pop-up (V-1.0.0)
! Payfast Payment Gateway (V-1.0.0)

Version 2.9.0 (14th June 2023)

+ Home page show featured vendor
+ Sold quantity show on product details page
+ Inventory store with and without variant API created
+ Flash deal added to product details page if has any offer
+ Admin can now reset license right from admin panel
+ Trending Search Keyword API added
+ Announcement API added
+ Search filter added on API
+ Frontend admin top nav bar added like WordPress
* Forgot password success notification show
* Admin order cart show issue fix
* Inactive inventories view issue
* Wallet invoice logo issue fix
* Responsive issue on mobile view of merchant panel
* Contact form and message reply mail send issue fix
* HTML tag issue on message top dropdown on admin panel
* Overflow of the category items in the mobile version issue fix
* Brand and Vendor list pagination issue on Safari browser
* Order update status mail link issue fix
* Hide main menu item mobile issue fix
* Application credeantial for API doesn't show on generate form if cleared the files cache issue fix
* Out of stock items after attribute selection on product page
* Attribute combination mismatch issue fix for API
* Add to cart button click event disabled issue fix when product out of stock
* Checkout page address title validation fixed set to minimum 2 words
* Remove extra hash from mail template
= Recently viewed item show according to the descending
= Improve middleware code for User Verify
=  Multiple announcements on website
= Showing senders name and email address in message inbox section
= Scout search import improved
= 'noopener' attribute added to all tags to protect from fishing vulnerability
= Cart content feature moved to session from ip
= Action buttons UX improvement on product thumbnails
Update Plugins:
! Announcement plugin update(v-2.0.0) released
! Eventy plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
! Flutterwave plugin update(v-1.1.1) released
! Wallet plugin update(v-1.4.4) released
! Ajax Search Autocomplete plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
! Google Analytics plugin update(v-1.0.1) released

Version 2.8.2 (5th April 2023)

= Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ready
* Paypal checkout when vendor get paid issue fix
* Paypal code mismatch api issue fix

Version 2.8.1 (2nd April 2023)

* Encryption issue on middleware
* API version issue
* Random items picker issue

Version 2.8.0 (30th March 2023)

+ MercadoPago payment method plugin released
+ Iyzico payment method plugin released
+ After adding wishlist total number show on icon
* Fix mobile responsiveness issues with the web interface.
* Fix schema issues
* Category Group img shows API issue fixed
* Coupon language issue solve on the customer dashboard
* Customer info shown in order page on off issue fixed
* Coupon option show on customer dashboard without plugin activate issue fixed
* FB login without email issue fixed
* User create from admin panel issue fixed
* Out-of-stock product purchase issue fixed
* Customer dashboard total coupon show issue fixed
* Unsupported shipping zone to supported shipping zone not deliverable issue fixed
* zcart wallet name show 2 times in checkout page issue fixed
* able to order less than minimum purchase quantity issue fix
* add to cart button design issue on product listview
* min price and max price set issue fix on inventory add and update
* RTL header design issue fix
= Improved SEO facts and issues
= Lazy load all images
= Serve all images in the next-gen formats (WebP)
= Category sidebar filter improved
= Language strings updated

Merged Plugins:
! Guest Checkout
! Wishlist
! Coupon
! Google Login
! FB Login
! Flash Deal

Version 2.7.0 (17th December 2022)

+ Seller app APIs added
+ Product attributes hover now highlights all available items
+ Attributes like color sizes are now searchable
+ Admin can set rules for out-of-stock items. 
+ Option to show/hide technical specifications on the product page
+ Show/Hide items from the main navigation menu
+ Show categories in the main navigation menu
+ OTP login from vendor and customer (Addon)
+ Manually add slug on products
* Pagination button access issues on mac OS
* Shop order issue fix on backend site
* Model name string issue fixed for logo and icon
* Stripe card update issue fixed
* Fixed vendor landing page logo issue
* Trending category load issue fixed
* Order status issue when created from admin panel
* Vendor avatar image show issue fixed
* Disabled submit button issue on the inventory form
* Canceled items quality adjustment issues for a partially canceled order
= Admin sidebar level changes 'general settings' to 'shop settings'
= Email validation add on customer profile
= Minimum 3 characters restriction for search
= Address zip_code now allows non-numeric data
= Category loading time optimized on the admin side
= Card view on the billing page
= Login and registration form

New Plugins:
+ OTP login
+ Comparison
+ MPesa Payment

Version 2.6.6 (30th September 2022)

* Deleted user ticket issue solve
* Merchant catalog product add issues solve
* Wallet approve issue fixed
* Account, wishlist, cart icon show on mobile
* Paypal Marketplace Checkout issue fixed
* Paystack checkout issue solved on the API
* Order permanent delete issue fixed
* Stripe create config issue fixed
* Customer avatar issue fixed

Version 2.6.5 (1st September 2022)

* Merchant avatar issue
* Wallet checkout issue with Insufficient balance
* Image issue fixed on order create from backend panel
* Customer address Google map issue
= Improved the search bar design on the default theme

Version 2.6.4 (12 August 2022)

* Packaging plugin issue solve for web and API
* Logo and trust badge image caching issue
= Improvements in code and functionalities

Version 2.6.3 (5 August 2022)

+Account delete option on API
* Wallet double deposit issue 
* Inventory CSV upload issue 
* Header name issue 

Version 2.6.2 (6th July 2022)

* Minor Bug fixes

Version 2.6.1 (1st July 2022)

* Home page trending category issue
* Shipping rate update issue
* Social media login issues on plugins
+ Delete account option add for customers(Apple Login)

Version 2.6.0 (28 June 2022)

+ Role-based permission added for plugins Live Chat, Inspector, Wallet, Flash Deal, and Dynamic Commission
+ Trending Keywords for search (plugin)
+ Jamaican states are added 
+ Recaptcha add on the merchant registration form
+ Business area states mass select and deletes option
* Permission issue for admin on the promotion page
* Selling theme view not found the issue
* Customer wallet deposit issue with PayPal, Paystack, and Razorpay
* Image delate issue on a few models like carrier, attributes, etc
* Category table sorting issue on parent column
* Algolia search data format issue
* Shop's staff info edit issue from admin
* Razorpay wallet deposit 
* Location auto select issue for Philippine 
* Email Template access issue
- Business area state's iso code unique validation removed
= SKUs are now unique for the same vendor only. Different vendors can have the same SKU 
= Allows decimal value on Dynamic Commissions plugin

+ Eventy (To create and manage events)
+ Payment Gateway 
+ Instamojo Payment Gateway 
+ Paystack Payment Gateway 
+ Live chat
+ Guest Checkout
+ Announcement 
+ Wishlist 
+ Coupons 
+ Fb login
+ Google login
+ Gift wrap or packaging
+ Google Analytics

Version 2.5.1 (03 March 2022)

+ Google Analytic Tracking ID 
* Currency symbol issue when showing symbol on the right
* Search result count issue on the default theme
* Buy now express checkout shipping option issue 
* Shop product page filter reset issue on next page
* Attribute filter issue when selecting multiple 
* Config show_item_conditions issue
* Promotions edit issue when empty
* Attribute create validation issue
* Delivery boy route issue
* Search issue
= Shop product page  not randomize results

Version 2.5.0 (24 February 2022)

+ Category wise product attributes
+ Customer wallet (in Wallet Plugin)
+ OneCheckout now support wallet
+ Attributes filter on shopping pages
+ Custom CSS support system added
+ Trust badge image uploading option
+ Wallet checkout option when wallet installed
+ Refund to the wallet (If customer wallet enabled)
+ Order search option from the customer dashboard
+ Option to checkout using wallet (If customer wallet enabled)
* Shop's cover image and logo upload issue on admin panel
* Product and Inventory CSV upload issue with HTML entity
* Slider image error on mobile devices when img missing.
* Currency symbol issue when the symbol on right side
* Customer password change from admin panel issue
* Social login with Facebook and Google issue 
* Slider image fit issue on large screen size
* Offer price display issue on product page
* Update trial date issue on stripe
* Authorisation issue on PHP 8.0
* Few API issues on the app
* Google analytic issue
* Shipping cost issue
= Categories loading speed optimized
= When the subscription is disabled, the system will not check the required card upfront option.

Customer App::
+ All available payment methods are now also available on the app
+ Flash deal section added when enabled on the web
+ Wallet now available on the mobile app
+ One Checkout plugin supported
+ Pharmacy plugin supported
+ Product image zooming
* Shop feedback issue
* Item variant select issue 
= Huge UI/UX improvements
= Improved checkout process
= Image thumbs on product page

Delivery Boy App::
+ Initial release
! Compatible with zCart 2.5.0

Version 2.4.0 (05 January 2022)

+ Added business hours and days in warehouses to pick up orders
+ Option to checkout using wallet (If customer wallet enabled)
+ Admin can hide product conditions(New/Used) from the catalog
+ A complete vendor profile page.
+ A complete brand profile page.
+ The banner effect is back again
+ Banner effect can be turned on/off
+ Login using Apple account (Plugin)
+ Show merchant info as the vendor. Admin can set.
+ New design for featured categories on the default theme
+ Rating evaluation as a background task that recalculates ratings once a day
+ Scroll bar added on category mega menu
+ Optional phone field added on the merchant registration
* Promotions update issue when no records on the table
* Minor fix when the default packaging info is missing
* Permission issue on the customer address section
* Package installation issue in some cases
* Wallet transaction invoice issue
* Page content formatting issue
= All promotions settings are now optional
= Separate products page for vendors.
= Separate products page for brands.
= Google ReCaptcha validation removed when not configured
= Social media login configuration is now optional
= Laravel Framework upgraded to the latest available 8.* version

Version 2.3.9 (27 November 2021)

* Address state filed autocomplete issue
* Removed product edit restriction 
* Flash Deal timer issue on Safari (plugin)
= Now vendor can update slug of the shop
= Now vendor can update catalog product even when has listings

Version 2.3.8 (10 November 2021)

+ Implemented global announcement section
* Disabled payment option showing issue in mobile app
* Address form validation issue with Google Place
* Sitemap issue on some restricted servers
* Key features duplicate issue on inventory create form
* Address creating issues when Google place is on
* Merchant panel trial ends notice issue
* Product list access issue 'vendor can use own catalog only' is on
* Wallet access issue when the system is on maintenance mode
* Fixed flash deal timer issue on safari

* FlashDeal version 1.3.0 released
* Fixed oneCheckout issue
+ Razorpay Payment plugin released

Version 2.3.7 (6 September 2021)

+ Google place API added to autocomplete address on the checkout page
+ Google Recaptcha added on customer registration
* item listing hover button z-index issue
* listing width issue on some places
* Page cover image issue
* Flash deal loading issue
* Slug validation issue
* Banner image upload issue
* Coupon issue on the checkout page
* Theme select option issue on admin panel
* Search suggestions issue when Pharmacy plugin on
* Shop logo issue on the checkout page
* Admin authorization issue for currency and business area modules
* Permission caching issue when login from multiple browsers
* Now cart total when the coupon value is greater than the total
= Now chat message will send on press enter
= Product page zoom image thumbs
= Improved address form
= Improved default theme

Version 2.3.6 (2 August 2021)

+ Search autocomplete feature on the main navbar
+ Province/State added for Brazil, Russia, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Singapore, UK, Pakistan, Nepal, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Niger, Seychelles, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and UAE. (Works on new installations only)
* Some API issues
* Order feedback issue 
* Popular items calculation issue
* User role permissions cache issue
* Cart weight calculation issue on update
* Currency symbol view issues on admin
* Refund initiation issue on admin panel
* Cart auto-update issue on the checkout page
* Confirm goods received and give feedback issue
* The discount calculation issue when quantity changes.
* Wallet redirect issue when impersonated into the vendor account
- Language code maximum length restrictions
= The zooming on product page
= Moved all theme options to Promotions
= Added quantities value on checkout/payment page.

Version 2.3.5 (3 July 2021)

+ Obtaining the real IP address behind the Cloudflare and any proxy
+ Added add to cart and wishlist button on deal of the day section
+ Category icon image upload option in addition to icon font
+ Now vendor can send messages to guest customers from the order page
+ Checkbox to agree to terms and policy on the checkout page
* Loading time issue for a large number of inventory (tested with 45K+ records)
* Condition field issue when editing the inventory using the translation
* Attachment download issue on tickets
* Remember card issue on guest checkout
* Decimal point issue on admin/merchant panel
* Stock availability issue of featured items and Deal Of The Day
* Language change issue on smaller devices
* Vendor logo and cover image delete issue
* Boost site loading time by caching common data
* Email verification notification issue on merchant register
* Cache clear option on admin panel
* Inventory creation with variants when product created by another vendor
* Cart taxes issue
* Slider issue in mobile screen
= UX of Mobile menu improved
= Out of stock checking when reorder using old order
= Ajax data-table implemented on inventory for faster loading

* Wallet:: Transaction view issue when payable info missing
* dynamicCommission:: The commission calculation issue
= OneCheckout:: Compatible with Pharmacy package
= FlashDeal:: Improved loading time

Version 2.3.4 (8 May 2021)

* Checkout issue when vendor get paid directly
* Few styling issues on the default theme
* Shop activation on super admin panel
* Refund initiation issue on admin
* Newsletter subscription issue
* Paystack redirection issue
* Paysatck payment issue
* Product list view issue 
* Chat multiple submissions
* Deposit issue on customer wallet
= Responsiveness improved
= Improved UX for customers
= Mobile devices will load mobile slider images

* oneCheckout:: issue on Paypal
* Wallet:: Customer deposit issue

Version 2.3.3 (1 May 2021)

+ System will notice admin for misconfiguration on subscriptions
+ Multiple notifications added before expiring local subscriptions(Configurable)
+ Added config cache clear option for admin
* Permission issue on inspectable inventory edit (Inspector package)
* Local wallet based subscription swapping issues
* Google analytic visitors report
* Stripe card save issue solved.
* Admin menu left issue on mobile
* Default theme CSS styling issues
* Wallet based subscription issue
* Customer wallet access issue
* oneCheckout package issue
* FlashDeal package issue
* Product upload from CSV duplicate issue.
* Inventory CSV upload number formate issue.
* Customer refund with wallet issue.
* Inspectable inventory edit permission issue.
* Wallet deposit save the card for future use issue.
* Currency symbol issue on PDF invoice for non-ANSII characters
* Featured brand issue on front end theme
* CSS issue on category dropdown section
* Algolia search API version compatible issue
* Wallet not accessible on customer dashboard issue
* Feedback form star icon issue
= Inventory loading speed improved on the admin section
= Wallet balance showing on shop list table
= Category dropdown navigations
= Brand name formatting on product filter
= Some icons updated for better views

*= oneCheckout
*= zCart Wallet
*= Local Subscription
*= Dynamic Commissions
*= Inspector

Version 2.3.2 (6 April 2021)

+ Added secondary footer
+ Modal login form added
* Vendor list page issue
* Stripe payment issue fixed
* Merchant Logo issue solved.
* Stripe Card Save issue Solved.
* Live chat issue for guest users
* Deal of the day HTML tag issue fixed
* Deal of the day key feature issue fixed
* Configure payment method is not required for a vendor when admin get paid
* Disputes Order reply  issue solved
* Wrong featured category issue solved
* Admin section - Disputes: error reply issue solved
* Mandrill Secret Added 
* Local Subscription package issue
* Flash deal package compatibility issue
* Products CSV import issue fixed 
= Category mega dropdown

Version 2.3.1 (1 March 2021)

* Slider loading issue
* Cart page content width issue
* Checkout issue
* Banner API issue fixed
* Quick view styling issue
* Promotions file name issue
= Improved homepage loading speed

Version 2.3.0 (27 Feb 2021)

+ Shiny and new default theme
+ Deal of the day
+ Featured brands
+ Featured categories
+ Featured products
+ Best finds under price value
+ Today's popular items
+ Monthly popular items
+ Push notifications for apps
+ Admin can turn off the social auth option
+ More banner widgets
+ New modern main slider
+ Promotional TAGLINE with link
+ Selected category based TRENDING NOW items
+ All vendors and all brands list pages
* Paypal payment config issue
* Stripe card update issue
* Item image issue on dispute page

Version 2.2.0 (21 Jan 2021)

+ New order reports with many filters
+ New product reports with filters
+ New order payment reports with filters
+ Package/Plugin management module
+ Dispute status on order list and detail page
+ Payment instructions for manual payments on the order details page
+ Delete option for the order module
+ Now platform users can access and manage orders
+ Now platform users can access and manage carts
+ Now platform users can access and manage refunds
+ Admin can set order cancellation fee for vendors. (Need wallet module)
+ Admin can receive payments. (Need wallet module)
+ Vendor can request for payout. (Need wallet module)
= Disabled subscription config options when subscription is off
= System is ready to install packages to extent functionalities
* Order link issue on guest checkout with account create option
* Prevent multiple form submission when clicks multiple times
* Now canceled item will be marked on the invoice
* No more 404 error for stock out item pages
* Cancellation request issue on the customer end

Version 2.1.3 (24 Oct 2020)

* Stripe API card update issue fixed
- Now the user will not need to give a card on the registration page
= If the 'Required card upfront' is enabled then the vendor will redirect to the billing page
= Improved subscription module

Version 2.1.2 (23 Oct 2020)

* Stripe API version issue fixed

Version 2.1.1 (20 Oct 2020)

+ Subscription module can be turned off completely
+ Automatic sitemap.xml generator added
* Chat module permission issue
* Invoice issue for language change
* SEO meta tag HTML tag issue on the category page
= Now PDF invoice language will be en regardless of settings

Version 2.1.0 (01 Oct 2020)

+ Live chat module for realtime communication
+ Admin can enable/disable the live chat option 
+ Now vendor can cancel an order until the fulfillment is done
+ Unit type field added in the catalog products
+ Now vendor can set customer support agent for shops
+ Realtime chat messenger between customers and vendors
+ Admin can set a time to allow customers to cancel the order
+ Return option added after the order shipped to the customer
+ Now you can reply guest customer's message from the admin inbox
+ Partial order cancellation option added. Customer can select items
+ Customer can cancel selected items only instead of the whole order
+ Now vendor can send message to customer directly on the order detail page
+ Now vendor can approve/decline cancellation/return request after the time set by the admin
+ Vendor can on/off the live chat on the shop and product page. (If enabled)
= Customer will see the product quantity unit with other info
= Remove contact us
= Upgraded core framework to Laravel version 5.8
= Disabled closing the data modal when clicking outside of the box
* Express checkout issue when can not deliver
* Order status issue on 'order again' feature
* Remember card issue fix
* Order tracking issue fixed
* Product page issue on the mobile app
* Shipping sone issue on the mobile app
* Linked item issue on inventory update
* Key featured issue on inventory update

Breaking changes:
- Contact us module merged into the message module 
- Contact us model removed

Version 2.0.7 (03 September 2020)

* Fix data formating issue on CyberSource payment method
* Pending verification notice issue on admin dashboard
* Authorise .Net issue on the checkout
* Role permission issue on utility module
* Currency issue for RON and AED
* Issues on state edit 
* Invoice charset issue for some language
* Extra space issue on contact us page
* Saved card issue on stripe card payment
+ Added vendor Logo image in pdf invoice
= The maximum number of trial period days is 730 (2 years)

Version 2.0.6 (14 July 2020)

+ Contact us form messages will be available in platform inbox
+ Shop logo added on the invoices
+ Different slider image for mobile app
+ Invoice configuration file added
* Address responsive issue on PDF invoice and order detail page
* Feedback remains an issue even after a customer deleted 
* Product image zooming issue on the quick view modal
* Currency symbol position issue on cart/checkout page
* Issue of charging a commission on a trial period 
* Messages archive issue on customer inbox
* Order notification issue for guest customer
* Issue of hiding listings after the trial ends
* Merchant order notification button link
* Currency symbol issue on pdf invoice
* Meta description HTML tag issues
* Stripe webhook issue
- Removed the zCart version string from vendor panel footer
= Setting business address is now mandatory for vendors to activate listings
= Now customer will be redirected to the previous page after login
= A dedicated system log channel added for all background tasks 
= Improved the quick view modal design for better UX
= Now same product attribute value can be added
= Invoice is more configurable now

Version 2.0.5 (4 June 2020)

* The Stripe subscription issue

Version 2.0.4 (1 June 2020)

+ Twitter card for better SEO
+ Product Rich Snippets for SEO
+ Facebook OpenGraph for better SEO
+ Lots of SEO meta(dynamic) tags added
+ Cancel option added on the cookie consent 
* Issue on boost command
* Chart exporting issue on reports
* Guest checkout notification issue
* Revert order issue when payment failed
* New message notification settings issue
* Contact seller issue on the product page
* Attribute color picker issue on BackOffice
* Order table sorting issue on the merchant panel
* Mailchimp issue when newsletter not configured
* HTML tag issue on the new message notification
* Page displaying issue on the main navbar location
* Issue on customer order details when the shop is deleted
* Issue on customer messages inbox when the shop is deleted
* Shipping rate issue for weight-based shipping on the checkout page
* Merchant dashboard error when the subscription plan has been deleted
= Improved default theme
= Improved the image uploader UI and UX
= Now quantity value it honored on direct checkout as well
= Now admin can see all listings on product details page on BackOffice
= Now admin logout redirects to the login page instead of the home page

Version 2.0.3 (1 May 2020)

+ Now customers can cancel an order if it's not fulfilled yet
+ Now customers can now re-order using an old order info
+ Coupon field added on the checkout page also
+ Seller feedback rating is not visible on the product page
+ Customer can view the seller profile window right on the product page
* Issues on `add variants inventory` option when the catalog restriction feature is enabled
* Stock quantity issue when order failed on the process
* Notification 404 issue when admin creates vendor
* Message inbox issue on the customer dashboard
* Add inventory permission issues when restricted
* Issue to access coupon on merchant panel
* Newsletter auto subscription config issue 
* Condition translation issue on the back office
* Now the radio type product attribute will show as a button type option
= Now more search result will show on product search to create listings
= Storefront default theme improved

Version 2.0.2 (19 April 2020)

* Coupon code issue on the cart/checkout page
* Permission issue on a new catalog feature
* Stripe card update issue
= Update some language strings

Version 2.0.1 (13 April 2020)

+ Now the guest customer will get order notifications
* Location Issue on the product page
* Issue on subscription invoice
* Site icon Issue
= Update some language strings
= Upgrade some plugins

Version 2.0.0 (10 April 2020)

+ Now admin can set vendors to use their own catalog products
+ Admin can set active business area for the marketplace
+ Trash and restore option for banners and sliders
+ Order invoice/receipt (pdf)
+ Vendor subscription invoice/receipt (pdf)
+ Contact seller feature added on product page
+ Complete inbox module for customers
+ New customer dashboard
+ CyberSource payment gateway
+ SEO fields added to the categories
+ Vendor can add admin note to orders
* The logo issue on cloud storage
* Guest checkout settings issue
* Instagram link issue
* Instamojo payment about formatting issue
* Sorting issue on the blog  page
* Price filter issue on the category page
* Categories inner section accessibility issue for a long list 
* Terms and condition link issue
* Buyer note visibility issue on the order detail page
* Button visibility issue on some email notifications
* Mass selection issue on message inbox
= The description field is not required to add inventory
= Improved shipping zone module
= User session data are encrypted now
= Improved cart page for a small screen

Version 1.3.4 (05 January 2020)

+ A new translation (Spanish) added.
= Added item SKU in order details page
= Improved file security on hosted server
* Demo images import issue on cloud filesystems 
* Bangla(Bengali) language file HTML tag issues
* HTML tag issues on the quick view window
* Fix logo issue on S3
* Improve dispute APIs
* Admin settings issue on guest checkout
* Cookie consent issue on selling theme

Version 1.3.3 (25 November 2019)

+ Bulk inventory import option for vendors.
+ Added mass actions option to all tables
+ Added empty trash option to delete all records in the trash
+ Added option to add condition note when listing vendor items
+ Can set the limit the number of records in a batch for bulk upload
+ New translations added Bengali (Bangla) 
+ Cookie consent notice to comply with GDPR 
= Moved logo and icon storage location to local
= Set the image file size strict honoring the admin settings
= Improved the thumbnails for all over the platform 
= Images uploading procedure has been improved a lot 
* Assignment issue on CSV uploaded products 
* Seller specification update issues on variants of a product
* Trash issue on the tax module
* Random search error when searching in all categories
* Multiple images upload issue in product/inventory
* Linked items repopulate issue on the inventory edit form
* Product table sorting issue by the name field
* Product edit permission issue for merchants
* Search issue for variants
* Transparent background issue on S3

Version 1.3.2 (10 September 2019)

- Moved APP_LOCALE from the env file to the admin dashboard
= Now admin can also reduce the trial period for any specific vendor
* Fixed order listing issue on admin panel
* Fixed HTML tag issue on the wishlist
* Fixed HTML tag issue on order complete page
* Fixed order notification issues
* Fixed demo content importer issue

Version 1.3.1 (04 September 2019)

* Minor bug fixes on installer module

Version 1.3.0 (31 August 2019)

+ RTL language support
+ Dynamic Language change option
+ New translation added(Persian), front-end only.
+ Now admin can extend the trial period of vendors
+ Admin can hide the trial expiry notice on vendor panel
+ Vendor approval system (optional)
+ Vendor verification system (ID, Address and Phone Number)
+ Verified badge on the vendor name
+ Filters toggle option on the small screen
+ Country flags on visitors report
+ Mass delete option on customers and products
+ Empty trash options on customers and products
+ Now admin can update customer and user password from admin panel
+ Trialling flag added on the vendor list
+ Now you can set the currency decimal point to 0
- Moved APP_TIMEZONE from the env file to the admin dashboard
- Removed OrderStatus model and add statuses as CONSTs
* Fixed add wishlist issue.
* Fixed HTML tag issue on order page messages
* Fixed the HTML tag issue on the product title
* Fixed 500 error on dispute page
* Fixed the google analytics report error on misconfiguration
* Fixed the PayPal payment API issue
* Fixed inbox notification and timestamp issues
* Fixed Search error on the front-end
= Improved support messaging module
= Improved the dispute module

Version 1.2.5 (19 June 2019)

* Fixed slider text color issue
* Fixed variants display issue
* Fixed product list display issue
* Fixed the history log issue
= Improved responsiveness of the default theme
= Improved product detail page
= Improved category dropdown menu
= Improved category filter on the products page
= improved search option 
= Improved search result filters
+ Now categories are sortable

Version 1.2.4 (1 May 2019)

* Fixed category cover image issue
* Fixed dispute module issue
* Fixed back-office order create issues
* Fixed the cache issue on boost command
* Fixed guest customer refund notification issue
* Fixed variants selection issues on product page
* Fixes PayPal API issue
= Improved product search with new GTIN, product title and model_number match on the frontend
= Hide empty categories from the menu
= Improved theme responsiveness
= Improved product page
= Improved order fulfillment system
- Remove unique validation for category name
- Remove unique validation for category sub-group name
+ On run uniqueness checking for slugs
+ Added category sub-group cover image 

Version 1.2.3 (3 April 2019)

* Fixed issue on blog page
* Fixed some view issues

Version 1.2.2 (27 March 2019)

* Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 7.3
* Fixed https issue with Cloudflare
* Fixed invisible button issue in emails
* Fixed some spelling issues
* Fixed coupon quantity issue
* Fixed appeal dispute issue
* Fixed the product image view issue on the home page
* Fixed modal window link issue on right-click
= Improved dispute module
+ Now vendor can add different order tracking system for different carriers
+ Added blog module
+ Added Google Recaptcha v2 in both contact forms
+ Added Backup system
+ License uninstall and update feature
+ Added Google Drive support

Version 1.2.1 (16 January 2019)

* Fixes shop status issue
* Fixes full-text search issue
* Fixes static pages issue
* Fixes order status issue

Version 1.2.0 (12 January 2019)

= Upgraded the underlining framework
= Improved demo auth
= Email is now required for guest checkout
+ Added PayStack payment gateway
+ Added Authorize.Net payment gateway
+ Added Instamojo payment gateway
+ Added Rackspace storage support
+ Added SFTP storage support
* Now the merchant and staffs will be removed when a shop removed
* Fixes the cart merging issue for logged in customers
* Fixes the parent category in trash issue
* Fixes Order notification error for the guest customer
* Fixes Order notification error for merchant
* Fixes listings visibility issue after importing demo contents
* Fixes add to cart item issue for free shipping items
* Fixes county selection issue on the address form
* Fixes order history issue

Version 1.1.2 (24 December 2018)

+ .htaccess.example added
+ Added Amazon S3 storage support
+ Now vendor can see closed disputes also
= Improved history logs
* Fixes vendor side cart view error
* Fixes ticket error after deleting the vendor
* Fixes ticket assign to user error

Version 1.1.1 (4 December 2018)

+ Added zCart version view command
- Removed "Developed by" tagline from admin and merchant panel footer
* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.0 (1 December 2018)

= Improved the categories navigation system
= Improvement in the catalog system
= Improved installer system
= Improved demo contents
+ Parent categories and category group is now accessible
+ Added vendor profile view on the shop page
+ Now customers can read the vendor reviews on the shop profile page
* Fixed the top-selling item view issue on the report
* Fixed the free shipping issues on the checkout
* Fixed configuration file update issue
* Fixed MySQL datatype issue with MariaDB server

Version 1.0.1 (13 November 2018)

* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.0 (8 November 2018)

+ Initial release.
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