Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)
‘+’ Added
‘*’ Fixed
‘=‘ Improved
‘-’ Removed

Version 2.3.5 (3 July 2021)

+ Obtaining the real IP address behind the Cloudflare and any proxy
+ Added add to cart and wishlist button on deal of the day section
+ Category icon image upload option in addition to icon font
+ Now vendor can send messages to guest customers from the order page
+ Checkbox to agree to terms and policy on the checkout page
* Loading time issue for a large number of inventory (tested with 45K+ records)
* Condition field issue when editing the inventory using the translation
* Attachment download issue on tickets
* Remember card issue on guest checkout
* Decimal point issue on admin/merchant panel
* Stock availability issue of featured items and Deal Of The Day
* Language change issue on smaller devices
* Vendor logo and cover image delete issue
* Boost site loading time by caching common data
* Email verification notification issue on merchant register
* Cache clear option on admin panel
* Inventory creation with variants when product created by another vendor
* Cart taxes issue
* Slider issue in mobile screen
= UX of Mobile menu improved
= Out of stock checking when reorder using old order
= Ajax data-table implemented on inventory for faster loading

* Wallet:: Transaction view issue when payable info missing
* dynamicCommission:: The commission calculation issue
= OneCheckout:: Compatible with Pharmacy package
= FlashDeal:: Improved loading time

Version 2.3.4 (8 May 2021)

* Checkout issue when vendor get paid directly
* Few styling issues on the default theme
* Shop activation on super admin panel
* Refund initiation issue on admin
* Newsletter subscription issue
* Paystack redirection issue
* Paysatck payment issue
* Product list view issue 
* Chat multiple submissions
* Deposit issue on customer wallet
= Responsiveness improved
= Improved UX for customers
= Mobile devices will load mobile slider images

* oneCheckout:: issue on Paypal
* Wallet:: Customer deposit issue

Version 2.3.3 (1 May 2021)

+ System will notice admin for misconfiguration on subscriptions
+ Multiple notifications added before expiring local subscriptions(Configurable)
+ Added config cache clear option for admin
* Permission issue on inspectable inventory edit (Inspector package)
* Local wallet based subscription swapping issues
* Google analytic visitors report
* Stripe card save issue solved.
* Admin menu left issue on mobile
* Default theme CSS styling issues
* Wallet based subscription issue
* Customer wallet access issue
* oneCheckout package issue
* FlashDeal package issue
* Product upload from CSV duplicate issue.
* Inventory CSV upload number formate issue.
* Customer refund with wallet issue.
* Inspectable inventory edit permission issue.
* Wallet deposit save the card for future use issue.
* Currency symbol issue on PDF invoice for non-ANSII characters
* Featured brand issue on front end theme
* CSS issue on category dropdown section
* Algolia search API version compatible issue
* Wallet not accessible on customer dashboard issue
* Feedback form star icon issue
= Inventory loading speed improved on the admin section
= Wallet balance showing on shop list table
= Category dropdown navigations
= Brand name formatting on product filter
= Some icons updated for better views

*= oneCheckout
*= zCart Wallet
*= Local Subscription
*= Dynamic Commissions
*= Inspector

Version 2.3.2 (6 April 2021)

+ Added secondary footer
+ Modal login form added
* Vendor list page issue
* Stripe payment issue fixed
* Merchant Logo issue solved.
* Stripe Card Save issue Solved.
* Live chat issue for guest users
* Deal of the day HTML tag issue fixed
* Deal of the day key feature issue fixed
* Configure payment method is not required for a vendor when admin get paid
* Disputes Order reply  issue solved
* Wrong featured category issue solved
* Admin section - Disputes: error reply issue solved
* Mandrill Secret Added 
* Local Subscription package issue
* Flash deal package compatibility issue
* Products CSV import issue fixed 
= Category mega dropdown

Version 2.3.1 (1 March 2021)

* Slider loading issue
* Cart page content width issue
* Checkout issue
* Banner API issue fixed
* Quick view styling issue
* Promotions file name issue
= Improved homepage loading speed

Version 2.3.0 (27 Feb 2021)

+ Shiny and new default theme
+ Deal of the day
+ Featured brands
+ Featured categories
+ Featured products
+ Best finds under price value
+ Today's popular items
+ Monthly popular items
+ Push notifications for apps
+ Admin can turn off the social auth option
+ More banner widgets
+ New modern main slider
+ Promotional TAGLINE with link
+ Selected category based TRENDING NOW items
+ All vendors and all brands list pages
* Paypal payment config issue
* Stripe card update issue
* Item image issue on dispute page

Version 2.2.0 (21 Jan 2021)

+ New order reports with many filters
+ New product reports with filters
+ New order payment reports with filters
+ Package/Plugin management module
+ Dispute status on order list and detail page
+ Payment instructions for manual payments on the order details page
+ Delete option for the order module
+ Now platform users can access and manage orders
+ Now platform users can access and manage carts
+ Now platform users can access and manage refunds
+ Admin can set order cancellation fee for vendors. (Need wallet module)
+ Admin can receive payments. (Need wallet module)
+ Vendor can request for payout. (Need wallet module)
= Disabled subscription config options when subscription is off
= System is ready to install packages to extent functionalities
* Order link issue on guest checkout with account create option
* Prevent multiple form submission when clicks multiple times
* Now canceled item will be marked on the invoice
* No more 404 error for stock out item pages
* Cancellation request issue on the customer end

Version 2.1.3 (24 Oct 2020)

* Stripe API card update issue fixed
- Now the user will not need to give a card on the registration page
= If the 'Required card upfront' is enabled then the vendor will redirect to the billing page
= Improved subscription module

Version 2.1.2 (23 Oct 2020)

* Stripe API version issue fixed

Version 2.1.1 (20 Oct 2020)

+ Subscription module can be turned off completely
+ Automatic sitemap.xml generator added
* Chat module permission issue
* Invoice issue for language change
* SEO meta tag HTML tag issue on the category page
= Now PDF invoice language will be en regardless of settings

Version 2.1.0 (01 Oct 2020)

+ Live chat module for realtime communication
+ Admin can enable/disable the live chat option 
+ Now vendor can cancel an order until the fulfillment is done
+ Unit type field added in the catalog products
+ Now vendor can set customer support agent for shops
+ Realtime chat messenger between customers and vendors
+ Admin can set a time to allow customers to cancel the order
+ Return option added after the order shipped to the customer
+ Now you can reply guest customer's message from the admin inbox
+ Partial order cancellation option added. Customer can select items
+ Customer can cancel selected items only instead of the whole order
+ Now vendor can send message to customer directly on the order detail page
+ Now vendor can approve/decline cancellation/return request after the time set by the admin
+ Vendor can on/off the live chat on the shop and product page. (If enabled)
= Customer will see the product quantity unit with other info
= Remove contact us
= Upgraded core framework to Laravel version 5.8
= Disabled closing the data modal when clicking outside of the box
* Express checkout issue when can not deliver
* Order status issue on 'order again' feature
* Remember card issue fix
* Order tracking issue fixed
* Product page issue on the mobile app
* Shipping sone issue on the mobile app
* Linked item issue on inventory update
* Key featured issue on inventory update

Breaking changes:
- Contact us module merged into the message module 
- Contact us model removed

Version 2.0.7 (03 September 2020)

* Fix data formating issue on CyberSource payment method
* Pending verification notice issue on admin dashboard
* Authorise .Net issue on the checkout
* Role permission issue on utility module
* Currency issue for RON and AED
* Issues on state edit 
* Invoice charset issue for some language
* Extra space issue on contact us page
* Saved card issue on stripe card payment
+ Added vendor Logo image in pdf invoice
= The maximum number of trial period days is 730 (2 years)

Version 2.0.6 (14 July 2020)

+ Contact us form messages will be available in platform inbox
+ Shop logo added on the invoices
+ Different slider image for mobile app
+ Invoice configuration file added
* Address responsive issue on PDF invoice and order detail page
* Feedback remains an issue even after a customer deleted 
* Product image zooming issue on the quick view modal
* Currency symbol position issue on cart/checkout page
* Issue of charging a commission on a trial period 
* Messages archive issue on customer inbox
* Order notification issue for guest customer
* Issue of hiding listings after the trial ends
* Merchant order notification button link
* Currency symbol issue on pdf invoice
* Meta description HTML tag issues
* Stripe webhook issue
- Removed the zCart version string from vendor panel footer
= Setting business address is now mandatory for vendors to activate listings
= Now customer will be redirected to the previous page after login
= A dedicated system log channel added for all background tasks 
= Improved the quick view modal design for better UX
= Now same product attribute value can be added
= Invoice is more configurable now


Version 2.0.5 (4 June 2020)

* The Stripe subscription issue


Version 2.0.4 (1 June 2020)

+ Twitter card for better SEO
+ Product Rich Snippets for SEO
+ Facebook OpenGraph for better SEO
+ Lots of SEO meta(dynamic) tags added
+ Cancel option added on the cookie consent 
* Issue on boost command
* Chart exporting issue on reports
* Guest checkout notification issue
* Revert order issue when payment failed
* New message notification settings issue
* Contact seller issue on the product page
* Attribute color picker issue on BackOffice
* Order table sorting issue on the merchant panel
* Mailchimp issue when newsletter not configured
* HTML tag issue on the new message notification
* Page displaying issue on the main navbar location
* Issue on customer order details when the shop is deleted
* Issue on customer messages inbox when the shop is deleted
* Shipping rate issue for weight-based shipping on the checkout page
* Merchant dashboard error when the subscription plan has been deleted
= Improved default theme
= Improved the image uploader UI and UX
= Now quantity value it honored on direct checkout as well
= Now admin can see all listings on product details page on BackOffice
= Now admin logout redirects to the login page instead of the home page


Version 2.0.3 (1 May 2020)

+ Now customers can cancel an order if it's not fulfilled yet
+ Now customers can now re-order using an old order info
+ Coupon field added on the checkout page also
+ Seller feedback rating is not visible on the product page
+ Customer can view the seller profile window right on the product page
* Issues on `add variants inventory` option when the catalog restriction feature is enabled
* Stock quantity issue when order failed on the process
* Notification 404 issue when admin creates vendor
* Message inbox issue on the customer dashboard
* Add inventory permission issues when restricted
* Issue to access coupon on merchant panel
* Newsletter auto subscription config issue 
* Condition translation issue on the back office
* Now the radio type product attribute will show as a button type option
= Now more search result will show on product search to create listings
= Storefront default theme improved


Version 2.0.2 (19 April 2020)

* Coupon code issue on the cart/checkout page
* Permission issue on a new catalog feature
* Stripe card update issue
= Update some language strings


Version 2.0.1 (13 April 2020)

+ Now the guest customer will get order notifications
* Location Issue on the product page
* Issue on subscription invoice
* Site icon Issue
= Update some language strings
= Upgrade some plugins


Version 2.0.0 (10 April 2020)

+ Now admin can set vendors to use their own catalog products
+ Admin can set active business area for the marketplace
+ Trash and restore option for banners and sliders
+ Order invoice/receipt (pdf)
+ Vendor subscription invoice/receipt (pdf)
+ Contact seller feature added on product page
+ Complete inbox module for customers
+ New customer dashboard
+ CyberSource payment gateway
+ SEO fields added to the categories
+ Vendor can add admin note to orders
* The logo issue on cloud storage
* Guest checkout settings issue
* Instagram link issue
* Instamojo payment about formatting issue
* Sorting issue on the blog  page
* Price filter issue on the category page
* Categories inner section accessibility issue for a long list 
* Terms and condition link issue
* Buyer note visibility issue on the order detail page
* Button visibility issue on some email notifications
* Mass selection issue on message inbox
= The description field is not required to add inventory
= Improved shipping zone module
= User session data are encrypted now
= Improved cart page for a small screen


Version 1.3.4 (05 January 2020)

+ A new translation (Spanish) added.
= Added item SKU in order details page
= Improved file security on hosted server
* Demo images import issue on cloud filesystems 
* Bangla(Bengali) language file HTML tag issues
* HTML tag issues on the quick view window
* Fix logo issue on S3
* Improve dispute APIs
* Admin settings issue on guest checkout
* Cookie consent issue on selling theme


Version 1.3.3 (25 November 2019)

+ Bulk inventory import option for vendors.
+ Added mass actions option to all tables
+ Added empty trash option to delete all records in the trash
+ Added option to add condition note when listing vendor items
+ Can set the limit the number of records in a batch for bulk upload
+ New translations added Bengali (Bangla) 
+ Cookie consent notice to comply with GDPR 
= Moved logo and icon storage location to local
= Set the image file size strict honoring the admin settings
= Improved the thumbnails for all over the platform 
= Images uploading procedure has been improved a lot 
* Assignment issue on CSV uploaded products 
* Seller specification update issues on variants of a product
* Trash issue on the tax module
* Random search error when searching in all categories
* Multiple images upload issue in product/inventory
* Linked items repopulate issue on the inventory edit form
* Product table sorting issue by the name field
* Product edit permission issue for merchants
* Search issue for variants
* Transparent background issue on S3


Version 1.3.2 (10 September 2019)

- Moved APP_LOCALE from the env file to the admin dashboard
= Now admin can also reduce the trial period for any specific vendor
* Fixed order listing issue on admin panel
* Fixed HTML tag issue on the wishlist
* Fixed HTML tag issue on order complete page
* Fixed order notification issues
* Fixed demo content importer issue


Version 1.3.1 (04 September 2019)

* Minor bug fixes on installer module


Version 1.3.0 (31 August 2019)

+ RTL language support
+ Dynamic Language change option
+ New translation added(Persian), front-end only.
+ Now admin can extend the trial period of vendors
+ Admin can hide the trial expiry notice on vendor panel
+ Vendor approval system (optional)
+ Vendor verification system (ID, Address and Phone Number)
+ Verified badge on the vendor name
+ Filters toggle option on the small screen
+ Country flags on visitors report
+ Mass delete option on customers and products
+ Empty trash options on customers and products
+ Now admin can update customer and user password from admin panel
+ Trialling flag added on the vendor list
+ Now you can set the currency decimal point to 0
- Moved APP_TIMEZONE from the env file to the admin dashboard
- Removed OrderStatus model and add statuses as CONSTs
* Fixed add wishlist issue.
* Fixed HTML tag issue on order page messages
* Fixed the HTML tag issue on the product title
* Fixed 500 error on dispute page
* Fixed the google analytics report error on misconfiguration
* Fixed the PayPal payment API issue
* Fixed inbox notification and timestamp issues
* Fixed Search error on the front-end
= Improved support messaging module
= Improved the dispute module


Version 1.2.5 (19 June 2019)

* Fixed slider text color issue
* Fixed variants display issue
* Fixed product list display issue
* Fixed the history log issue
= Improved responsiveness of the default theme
= Improved product detail page
= Improved category dropdown menu
= Improved category filter on the products page
= improved search option 
= Improved search result filters
+ Now categories are sortable


Version 1.2.4 (1 May 2019)

* Fixed category cover image issue
* Fixed dispute module issue
* Fixed back-office order create issues
* Fixed the cache issue on boost command
* Fixed guest customer refund notification issue
* Fixed variants selection issues on product page
* Fixes PayPal API issue
= Improved product search with new GTIN, product title and model_number match on the frontend
= Hide empty categories from the menu
= Improved theme responsiveness
= Improved product page
= Improved order fulfillment system
- Remove unique validation for category name
- Remove unique validation for category sub-group name
+ On run uniqueness checking for slugs
+ Added category sub-group cover image 


Version 1.2.3 (3 April 2019)

* Fixed issue on blog page
* Fixed some view issues


Version 1.2.2 (27 March 2019)

* Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 7.3
* Fixed https issue with Cloudflare
* Fixed invisible button issue in emails
* Fixed some spelling issues
* Fixed coupon quantity issue
* Fixed appeal dispute issue
* Fixed the product image view issue on the home page
* Fixed modal window link issue on right-click
= Improved dispute module
+ Now vendor can add different order tracking system for different carriers
+ Added blog module
+ Added Google Recaptcha v2 in both contact forms
+ Added Backup system
+ License uninstall and update feature
+ Added Google Drive support


Version 1.2.1 (16 January 2019)

* Fixes shop status issue
* Fixes full-text search issue
* Fixes static pages issue
* Fixes order status issue


Version 1.2.0 (12 January 2019)

= Upgraded the underlining framework
= Improved demo auth
= Email is now required for guest checkout
+ Added PayStack payment gateway
+ Added Authorize.Net payment gateway
+ Added Instamojo payment gateway
+ Added Rackspace storage support
+ Added SFTP storage support
* Now the merchant and staffs will be removed when a shop removed
* Fixes the cart merging issue for logged in customers
* Fixes the parent category in trash issue
* Fixes Order notification error for the guest customer
* Fixes Order notification error for merchant
* Fixes listings visibility issue after importing demo contents
* Fixes add to cart item issue for free shipping items
* Fixes county selection issue on the address form
* Fixes order history issue


Version 1.1.2 (24 December 2018)

+ .htaccess.example added
+ Added Amazon S3 storage support
+ Now vendor can see closed disputes also
= Improved history logs
* Fixes vendor side cart view error
* Fixes ticket error after deleting the vendor
* Fixes ticket assign to user error


Version 1.1.1 (4 December 2018)

+ Added zCart version view command
- Removed "Developed by" tagline from admin and merchant panel footer
* Minor bug fixes


Version 1.1.0 (1 December 2018)

= Improved the categories navigation system
= Improvement in the catalog system
= Improved installer system
= Improved demo contents
+ Parent categories and category group is now accessible
+ Added vendor profile view on the shop page
+ Now customers can read the vendor reviews on the shop profile page
* Fixed the top-selling item view issue on the report
* Fixed the free shipping issues on the checkout
* Fixed configuration file update issue
* Fixed MySQL datatype issue with MariaDB server


Version 1.0.1 (13 November 2018)

* Minor bug fixes


Version 1.0.0 (8 November 2018)

+ Initial release.


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