Product Attributes

Product Attributes

In zCart marketplace, you can assign category-wise attributes for the products. Your shoppers can search with the attributes and also when they hover over the attributes then they can watch all the available items.

There are three types of product attributes here:

Color/Pattern: This attributes type is different than the other two. You can set a color/pattern image as an attribute value and the color/pattern image will be shown as an option on the product page instead of the attribute name. The pattern image should be a tiny sample of the item patterns.

Radio: The radio attributes type is simple and a dropdown box will be shown as options on the product page.

Select: The select attributes are the same as the radio type and a dropdown box will be shown as options on the product page.

Admin can add global attributes for all sellers. Sellers can use these attributes.



Also, sellers have the option on the seller dashboard to add new attributes and it’s valued as per their need.

You may watch this tutorial to add category-wise product attributes.


Attributes such as size, color, material, etc., enable customers to filter and search for products more efficiently. This helps them find exactly what they are looking for amidst a large catalog of items, leading to higher customer satisfaction and potentially increased sales.

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