Versioning Scheme:

App versioning scheme maintains the following convention: paradigm.major.minor

Minor Release: Minor releases should never contain breaking changes. This release may contain app end bug fixes, UI issue fixes, minor improvements, and new features. These changes will not require updating the server and API end code.

Major Release: Major releases may include breaking changes sometimes. It will require upgrading the server end code before starting the process. A major release may contain new features, third-party API upgrades, bug fixes, changes in zCart web modules, etc.

Paradigm Shifting Releases: Paradigm-shifting releases do include breaking changes and may represent fundamental shifts in the architecture and conventions. It will require upgrading the server end code before starting the process.

However, we strive to always ensure you may update to a new major release without having much trouble.

Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)
‘+’ Added
‘*’ Fixed
‘=‘ Improved
‘-’ Removed
‘!’ Info/Warning

Version 2.6.2 (9th April 2024)

+ Wholesale product
+ Pickup order
+ Wallet transfer to vendor
* Attribute issue fixed

Version 2.6.1 (24th February 2023)

+ Showing colors for the attributes
+ Showing payment instructions
+ New Plugin: Shippo is supported
+ New Plugin: Auction is supported
* OTP Issue solved

Version 2.6.0 (24th December 2023)

+ Digital Products
+ Delivery Boy Info and Rate delivery boy
+ Complete order using QR code and OTP
+ IYZICO Payment gateway
+ Push Notifications
* New improved Shop listing and page

Version 2.5.0 (26th August 2023)

-Send image option is removed from vendor contact and order message
+Digital Assets Supported
=Vendor List UI updated
=Vendor details page UI updated
*Products Loading issue solved
=Performance improved

Version 2.4.0 (16th June 2023)

* Banner and slider onClick issue is fixed
* Generate PDF issue is fixed
* Dark Mode UI issue is fixed in multiple pages
* on 0 stock, add to cart is disabled
* on unknown country, checkout is disabled
+ Trending Search Keywords (Plugin)
+ Announcements (Plugin)
+ Packaging (Plugin)
+ Eventy (Plugin) - Events, Event details, Book the event, My Events
+ SSLCOMMERZ (Plugin) - Payment gateway
+ FlutterWave (Plugin) - Payment gateway
+ Search page product list filter (Sorting)
+ Product details show flash deals if it is in deals
+ Product details sold count

Version 2.3.0 (7th April 2023)

*Paypal issue fix
*Cart page minimum order quantity issue fix
*Cart page maximum order quantity reached check fix
*OTP plugin issue fix
Merged Plugins: (Compatible with zCart 2.8.2)
! Guest Checkout
! Wishlist
! Coupon
! Google Login
! FB Login
! Flash Deal

Version 2.2.3 (20th January 2023)

*push notification
*Stock Out Issue
*Banner showed only Categories, now ahow shop and others page.

Version 2.2.2 (15th December 2022)

* Invalid double in product details and cart.
* UI overflow issue in Cart

Version 2.2.1 (10th October 2022)

*Category Loading Issue 
*Razorpay issue 
*Tax excluding issue 
*Product details issue

Version 2.2.0 (28th June 2022)

!Compatible with zCart 2.6.0 

Version 2.1.2 ( April 25, 2022)

+ Maintenance Mode
+ Version incompatibility warning
+ Enable chat (Admin Panel Settings)
+ Enable Guest Checkout (Admin Panel Settings)
+ Show Item Condition (Admin Panel Settings)
+ Login Page Now redirects to the previous page (default account page)
+ Add address has default country.
* Small bugs fixed
= "Change Theme" changed to "Dark Mode" 

Version 2.1.0 (22 February 2022)

! Compatible with zCart 2.5.0
* Massive UI changes
* Sign Up and Sign In pages are redesigned
* Product details page recreated
* Full checkout process is new
* Banner error is solved
+ Now order can be paid using zCart wallet
+ Paypal, Stripe, Paystack and Razorpay are added as payment gateways
+ Pharmacy plugin added (upload prescription)
+ Wallet plugin access
+ Wallet deposit, transfer and details added
+ Generate order invoice and wallet transaction invoice
+ Vendor Search added
+ Brand Search added
+ Home page top bar new UI
+ Wishlist UI new UI
+ Drawer Added
* Back button issue is fixed
+ Product details page top bar is sticky now

Version 2.0.3 (13 January 2022)

* Edit Address bugs fixed (Edit address initially select the address type, country and state regarding to the address)
= Added a warning dialog when trying to delete an address.
* Category selection color fixed
= On pressed banner opens product list with banner title
= Dropdown has hint text now
= Dispute response page fixed
= Disputed appeal page updated
= Product card UI updated (rating added)
* Status bar color fixed with theme
= Images optimized (cached images)
* Apple login fixed
+ Showing wishlist button filled and red if the product is in wishlist. 
+ Flash deals added
+ Showing Product ratings and reviews
+ Showing Vendor ratings and reviews
+ Order chat send images
+ Vendor chat send images
+ Appeal dispute send image

Version 2.0.2 (27 November 2021)

+ Clear Cache Added [only Android]
= Dialogs are changed to new beautiful ones
= Textfields are now able to identify what type of keyboard it requires 
= Textfields UI improved
= Buttons are more curved Now
= UX improved (Take device theme initially)

Version 2.0.1 (11 November 2021)

+ Stripe Payment gateway
+ Paystack Payment gateway
+ Paypal express checkout
+ Recently Viewed Items added in several pages [cart, search, wishlist, and account]
* View Cart goes to wishlist fixed
* Privacy, Terms and About us pages are now scrollable
* Showing all the orders now, not just from the first page!
* Currency bug fixed
= Featured Brand UI Updated

Version 2.0.0 (01 September 2021)

+ Google Login
+ Facebook Login
+ Dark Light Theme
+ Brands tab added
+ Native Splash Screen
+ Settings page implemented
+ Multilanguage with RTL support
+ Created a new addresses page
+ Go shopping button is added to cart page 
+ Deals under the price API added in the home
+ Featured brand added in the home tab and account tab
+ New Banner is added in between recently added and popular items card
+ Random products to explore is added to the cart page if the cart is empty
+ Random products to explore is added to the Wishlist page if the wishlist is empty
- Addresses took outside from account
- Bottom buttons are removed from the account tab
* Shipping page bugs fixed
= Upgraded to flutter 2.* with null safety
= Account tab updated

Version 1.0.0 (01 August 2021)

+ Flutter Version Release

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