zCart has various promotional features to make the marketplace more engaging and boost sales. Like admin can set the Promotional Tagline, Top promotional banner, Best Finds Under, Deal of the day, Featured categories, Featured items, Featured vendors, Featured brands, Trending now categories. add categories in main navigation and can hide menu from main navigation from the Promotion page.


Promotional tagline

You can input a compelling and attention-grabbing tagline that effectively conveys your marketing message.

Top promotional banner

Access the top promotional banner settings and upload the desired promotional image or banner. Ensure it aligns with your campaign’s branding and messaging. You can set an internal link too. So that user can go directly to the desired page by clicking on the banner.

Best finds under

Configure the “Best Finds Under” section by specifying the criteria and parameters for showcasing your top deals or products that fall within a specific price range.

Deal of the day & Featured items

Set up the “Deal of the Day” by selecting a featured product for your daily promotion. Make sure to update this section regularly to maintain the freshness of your deals. And Choose specific items or products that you want to showcase in the “Featured Items” section. Select products that are currently in demand or align with your promotional strategy.

Featured categories

Handpick the categories you wish to feature on your homepage and assign them to the “Featured Categories” section. This helps in highlighting popular or seasonal categories.

Trending now categories

Populate the “Trending Now Categories” section with the categories that are currently trending or in high demand.

Featured brands

Elevate certain brands or manufacturers by including them in the “Featured Brands” section. This adds credibility and trust to your promotions.

Featured vendors

Spotlight particular vendors or sellers in the “Featured Vendors” section to promote their stores and products.

Categories in main navigation

Now you can include additional categories in the main navigation menu easily, this will enhance user navigation and visibility.

Hide from main navigation

If you wish to hide the menu from the main navigation specifically you can do it from the Promotion page. This will create a distraction-free and focused experience for your visitors.

By implementing these steps, you can effectively optimize your website’s promotional elements and enhance the user experience

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