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Get VIP Support

We know that everyone will not be happy with regular support delay. So we have created a VIP customer group to provide support as quickly we can. It does not matter how many support tickets are on the queue, your ticket will be pushed to the top. The VIP group membership charge $199 USD billing every six months.

Get VIP Support

Regular Support

Every purchase comes with 6 months of support, you have to extend your support after that time period. The support charge is only $99 USD billing every six months.

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Get Installation Service

Let us do all the dirty technical stuff and you go grab a cup of coffee or play with your dog. The setup charge is $99 USD only.

Get Installation Service

Server Setup & Installation Service

If you want us to setup everything that required (Apache, MySQL, PHP and all extentions reguired by the script) to install the zCart on your cPanel/VPS. The setup charge is $199 USD only.

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Third Party APIs Configuration Service

We’ll configure all third party APIs/Service supported by the application including Email Configuration, System Settings, Filesystem Disks (Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace etc.), Google Recaptcha, Newsletter Configuration (MailChimp), Google Analytics, Social Media Login, Stripe Connect, Algolia Search. The service fee is $550 USD only.

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Get Upgradation Service

Our technical team can help you to upgrade your zCart platform script to latest release. The upgradation charge is $69 USD only for uncustomized script. Please get a quote to upgrade customized script here.

Get Upgradation Service

Get Localhost/Development License

Surely you can use your regular license key to install the script on localhost and move it to the live domain after test and modification, but you can not use the license both on the live and local server together. For that you can get a developer/localhost license at $69 USD only.

Get a Localhost License

Payment Method Integration Service

If you want a new payment gateway that is not available in zCart right now, you can request the support team to integrate the API as a custom job. The API Integration service charge is $299 USD only.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the Payment Method can be used by vendors to accept payment from customers only. You can’t use it to charge the subscription fee .


Get Payment API Integration Service

Braintree Billing Integration Service

The default vendor subscription billing provider is Stripe. If you want to use PayPal’s Braintree instead of Stripe. Please make a request for the Braintree version. The conversion charge is $149 USD only.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the Braintree Marketplace API can be used by USA based marketplace and vedors only.


Get Braintree Billing Integration

Translation Service

The zCart script comes with multiple pre-translated languages for free(front-end only). If you find that your language is not been translated yet or you also need to translate the back-office language, we can help you to translate the platform to your desired language/s as a custom job. The translation service fee is $69 USD single language, $99 for three languages and $199 for five languages. If you need more languages, please get the quote here

Get Service for ONE language at $69

Get Service for THREE languages at $99

Get Service for FIVE languages at $199 

Customization Service

Yes, we do customization work on our script also we build custom web/mobile application with your very own ideas and business need. You got the idea and we got the skills, together we can make it possible.

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IMPORTANT! Please send us the invoice number and license key with other your necessary informations (Example: your server and domain information for the Installation/Upgradation service) after you purchase a service.


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