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Step by step process to go live as a vendor

On zCart multi-vendor software, Vendors can easily register through the merchant landing page and can go to live by following these steps:


Step 1: Vendors will visit the merchant landing page first for registration.




Step 2: Register form


They need to input some basic information after clicking the “START SELLING” button. If the admin enables subscription plans for his marketplace, then vendors have to select a subscription plan during registration. Vendors need to input a valid mail and a valid mobile number while registering. Because email verification will go to the vendor’s mail as well as mobile also.


How super admin can enable vendor approval

If the admin enables the vendor approval option for his marketplace then the vendor needs to wait for approval after registration. And if it’s disabled then after registering vendors don’t need any approval to start selling.




After the vendor’s registration admin will receive an approval request on his dashboard 


After clicking the “Taking action” button to approve the request admin will see this interface.

Then he needs to activate this vendor by clicking the “love sign”


Step 3:

Maintenance mood

After approval, the vendor will get a well-designed dashboard to handle his store. Before going live, the vendor can set maintenance mode on until he is ready to sell. After doing all the configuration, the vendor needs to keep the maintenance mood off to go live.

And the vendor has to fill up some basic information in the general settings. Such as the shop’s legal name, logo, cover image etc.



Step 4:

Payment method

Vendors need to activate payment methods that are enabled by the admin. If the marketplace payment gets the vendors directly. 


NOTE: If the admin use wallet and admin gets the all marketplace payment directly then the vendor doesn’t need to activate the payment methods.



Step 5:

Create Users for the shop:

A vendor can create unlimited shops for selling different categories of products and can set user role for his shop’s staff. When a vendor creates a new user then the vendor can set the user role. 




Step 6:

Product Listing

The default catalog system allows vendors to create listings using any product on the catalog system, even if the product was created by another vendor. When a vendor adds products to the zCart catalog other vendors will be able to list the product in their inventories.


NOTE: Admin can restrict vendors to listing other vendors’ products.




Step 7:

Shipping Zone

A vendor also has to set the Shipping zone. To create a shipping zone, the vendor needs to set the shipping area and shipping Rate based on price or based on weight.



NOTE: Admin can restrict the shipping area. The vendor can select only those areas that are enabled by the admin.


So, vendors can easily register through zCart Marketplace to sell their products.



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