Wallet Module

Wallet Module

Digital Wallet is a plugin for the zCart Multi-vendor platform. This module will add digital wallet functionalities to the zCart-powered marketplace. 

Wallet features at a glance:

Setup and configure:

The wallet module has some extra configurations than other zCart modules. Please follow the guide below before lunch for the wallet module for your marketplace.


The installation process is the same, please check this section for guidance. After installation please follow the below guideline to complete the setup. 


To enable the wallet for users you need access code files. If you don’t have a code editor then you can use notepad to do the changes.

Open the file app/Models/Shop.php and find the below two lines of code between line number 13-30.

     // use Incevio\Package\Wallet\Traits\HasWallet;

// use HasWallet;

Remove the // from the left and save the file.

When you open the app/Models/Shop.php file the code will look like the below image:

And after changes the code will look like the below:

Open the app/Models/Customer.php file and do the same changes you did on the app/Models/Shop.php file.

Admin Receive Order Payments:

The wallet module allows the admin to receive all the order payments by customers. When the admin takes the order payment, then the order amount will be added to the vendor’s wallet balance to get paid later using the payout feature. To configure the payment route to the admin you’ll need to configure all the payment methods you want to give customers to pay to order checkout. After configuring the payment methods the below settings need to be adjusted on the .env configuration file.


Find the ‘VENDOR_GET_PAID’ and set the value ‘false’. If the configuration is not found, please add it.

Wallet Features: 

Users can do all different types of transactions using the wallet balance like deposits, purchases, payouts, customer-to-customer, and merchant-to-merchant wallet balance transfers.


Users can make a deposit into his/her wallet using any integrated payment method. 

Admin can select the payment method that he wants to enable for wallet deposit. And the seller will be able to deposit their wallet only with the selected payment method by the admin.

Admin Dashboard>>Settigns>>Wallet setting


Customers can make any purchase in the marketplace using their wallet balance (when the customer wallet is enabled by the admin).


When a vendor gives a refund, initially the refund will be adjusted into the customer’s wallet balance. And later on, the customer can use that balance to make a purchase again.


Vendors can request a payout from their wallet balance. Admin will get the request to approve or decline the request.


The wallet users can make a transfer to another user’s wallet account. But there is a restriction to transfer. A customer can make a transfer to another customer only and a merchant can transfer to another merchant only.

Pay Subscriptions:

When the marketplace has the Local Subscription module installed and enabled vendors can use their wallet balance to pay the subscription bills.

More features will be added to the wallet module. Your suggestions are always welcome.

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