Sign In With Google Module

Sign In With Google Module

Sign In With Google is a plugin for the zCart Multi-vendor platform. Use Sign in with Google to allow users to set up an account and sign in to your apps and associated websites with their google accounts.


The installation process is the same as other zCart modules, please check this section for guidance.


You need to have a project at Google Developer account to get API credentials. If you already configured Google Analytics then you can use the same project. If you need help how to create a project on Google check here and come back to this point. Head over to Google API’s site and Select your project. This time finds and enables Google+ API on the API list.

Now go to the Credentials in the sidebar. Click the OAuth consent screen tab and fill out the details there.

Now on the same screen go to the Credentials tab on the left. Click Create credentials and choose OAuth client ID from the dropdown list.

In the OAuth client ID screen, select the type of application, give origin and callback URLs like https://your_domain/socialite/customer/google/callback

Get the Client ID and Client Secret on the credentials page. Now open the .env file and update these keys with your values.



Google login configuration is done. Now customers will be able to log in using Google accounts.

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