Sign In With Facebook Module

Sign In With Facebook Module

Sign In With Facebook is a plugin for the zCart Multi-vendor platform. Use Sign in with Facebook to allow users to set up an account and sign in to your apps and associated websites with their Facebook accounts.


The installation process is the same as other zCart modules, please check this section for guidance.


To enable Facebook login, go to the Facebook Developer site and create an app for your marketplace. Now login into your developer account Dashboard. From the list of products select Facebook Login and click the Set Up button.

On the next screen select Web and then on the coming screen just give the Site URL and click Save. Ignore the rest of the options and go to Settings > Basic from the sidebar. All the API credentials you need are here, get the App ID and App Secret. Fill out the form with your marketplace information and Save Changes.

Now go to the Facebook Login > Settings from the sidebar. Enable Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login. After that give the callback URL like https://your_domain/socialite/customer/facebook/callback on the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs input field. Customers will be redirected to this URL after authentication. You can ignore the rest of the settings and click Save Changes.

The last part of this section is to turn on the Facebook App to use it. You can do it from the top on the same screen. To finish the integration open the .env file and update these keys with your values.



Facebook login configuration is done. Now customers will be able to log in using Facebook accounts.

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