This package is designed for blocking prohibited keywords that are set by the admin according to his country’s law. after installation and activate the package all major fields of Product and inventory are filtered by the Inspector if found any prohibited key it will be set for review by the admin.

admin will review items if admin approves the item will be active for all activities if admin denies it will be inactive and not available for further activities.

The Inspector Will Send a Notification via email to the shop for every action taken against the shop’s product or Inventory.

step 1:

After install the plugin from the packages section with the license key, you need to acitvate it.

step 2:

After activation, you will get Inspector Settings navigation under the Settings menu. Set up the prohibited keywords as many as you want for filter and updating.

Admin Dashboard>>Settings>>Inspector Settings

Enter all keywords you want to be blocked

step 3:

Here is the tricky part of the total process. go to your code path: your project root/ app/Product.php, make sure these lines of code are not commented and look like this.

Make sure these two lines are uncommented

step 4:

Go to your code path: your project root /app/Inventory.php,  make sure these lines of code are not commented and look like this

Make sure these two lines are uncommented

Now you can test your package.  go to the products menu from the left navigation. edit a product and put those prohibited keywords in the title or description box which you set moments before and update the product.

After modification, Now you will see products like this.

The Item is set for admin review

And here are your review items set by the Inspector. admin can approve the item with or without removing the prohibited keywords.

Admin Dashboard>>Admin>>Inspectables

Working Process:

  1. Approval: After the admin approve the item will remove from the review list and available for further activities.
  2. Deny: after denying the item remain inactive and remove it from the review item. but still, the merchant can edit the item if the merchant removes prohibited keywords and update the item will approve automatically
  3. Edit: Admin can simply edit and remove the prohibited keywords so items get approved automatically.

Note: after all the major actions merchant will get a notification via email.

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