Flutterwave Payment Gateway

Flutterwave Payment Gateway

Flutterwave is a payment gateway plugin for the zCart Multi-vendor platform. Flutterwave is a fully unified set of payment tools. This Payment methods help you to receive payments from your customers with several payment methods. Such as Cards, Bank Accounts, USSD, QR codes, Mobile Money and Kenyan Mpesa. Flutterwave is supported in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, America, and Europe. In addition to the local cards of these countries/regions, Flutterwave also allows you to receive payments from all MasterCard and Visa Cards.


The installation process is the same as other zCart Modules, please check this section for guidance.

How to configure: 

On the admin panel sidebar go to settings > configuration page then click on the Payment Methods tab here you will see your Flutterwave payment method and activate it.


When admin gets paid:

From the admin dashboard go to Settings > System Settings then click the Environment Config tab now you can see the Modify Environment File option.  


Please update these keys with your values. for live set sandbox false.




If you don’t see these keys please add them to the last of the .env file.

When vendors get paid:

Admin doesn’t need to configure the payment gateway when the vendor gets paid directly. But vendors need to get his/her own payment gateways credentials from flutterwave.com

Vendors need to configure the payment gateway on Settings > Payment Methods from the vendor panel.  Click on the activate button of your Flutterwave payment method one popup will show here set your Public Key, Secret Key and select the environment then update.



The setup is done now customers will see the Flutterwave payment option on the checkout page. 

Thank You.

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