The coupon is a plugin for the zCart Multi-vendor platform. This module is for adding coupon-based discount functionalities to the zCart. 


The installation process is the same as other zCart Modules, please check this section for guidance.

Vendor Panel: Manage Coupons

After activating the coupon plugin from the admin panel vendor get coupon option on the vendor panel side menu under the promotion 


From here vendor will be able to manage coupons. Click on CREATE COUPON option to add a new coupon.


Vendors can create an unlimited coupon for their stores. They can set the validity time period, total quantity, how many times a single buyer can get the discount, and more control. The coupon value can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total order amount.

Coupons for specific customers:

Vendors can create coupons that can be used by a single customer or a specific group of customers. To limit the coupon to customers check the LIMITED TO CUSTOMERS option and select customer/s.

Coupons for specific shipping zones:

Vendors can create coupons that can be used by customers from a specific shipping zone of zones. To limit the coupon to the shipping zone check the LIMITED TO SHIPPING ZONE option and select shipping zone/s.


Customers can apply the coupon code on the cart or checkout page to get a discount. Coupons are applicable only to that shop which shop has created that coupon. 

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